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2 Syringes x 1ml per pack

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Aliaxin LV 1ML

Pack of 2 syringes

Hyaluronic acid

Absorbable medical device (sterile, pyrogen-free and physiological gel) to be used as a filler for the correction of the medium and deep skin sediments of the face and for the increase in volume and contour of the lips.

The main component is crosslinked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, produced by bacterial fermentation.
Cross-linked hyaluronic acid: 25 mg.
Phosphate buffer, Water for injections: 1 g.

Mode d ‘use
Inject into the skin tissue for the supplementation of the extracellular matrix and the increase in intracutaneous volumetric, or for the treatment of skin depressions due to wrinkles and scarring.
It is a medical device, injectable, indicated for the restoration of the physiological volumes of the face and intended for the treatment of imperfections in the following areas of the face: – nose / labial folds – peribuccal wrinkles – acne and facial scars – glabellar wrinkles – frontal wrinkles – areas of the face that need an enrichment of the facial tissue (cheeks, chin, cheekbones, lips) with a temporary increase in volume through the growth of soft tissues.
The results of the intervention depend on the type of skin and the nature of the imperfections, with better results as the nature of the defect is less evident.

Preliminary to any form of intervention, the doctor must conduct an adequate medical history and an overall assessment of the patient’s condition, to ensure the absolute absence of contraindications to the implant.
The areas to be treated must be identified and evaluated taking into account criteria relating to lines and symmetries to be followed. Local anesthesia can be used for lip treatments in order to ensure the necessary comfort for the patient.
The doctor must inform the patient in advance about the procedure, its nature, warnings, precautions and possible individual outcomes, about the potential adverse responses, the expected duration of the implant and the
The intervention area must be cleaned with antiseptic solutions before proceeding with the implantation.
Remove the syringe from the blister, unscrew the cap and fit the needle complete with protection.
Remove this utima only before surgery.
It is administered with a starle needle (27 G) conforming to Luer-Lock standards with standardized fittings, included in the package.
The implantation should be carried out in correspondence of the medium / deep dermis, the procedure is however at the discretion of the doctor and depends on the correction to be made and on the implantation method adopted.
At the end of the procedure it is advisable to perform a gentle massage of the treated area to allow an optimal distribution of the implant.

The product is intended for exclusive use by medical personnel. Do not use for applications other than those indicated in this package insert.

Available in a 2 ml pack. Each pack contains:
– package leaflet
– 2 sealed blisters each containing 1 single-dose / disposable 1 ml sterile pre-filled syringe to be assembled with the supplied backstop
– adhesive strips to be applied on the patient card for product traceability
– 4 sterile needles

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