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3 vials of 10 ml for 18 sessions


The first real alternative to the use of botulinum toxin with a muscle relaxant action which allows, thanks to the synergistic action of 4 active ingredients, to smooth wrinkles and to treat any hypotonia of the face and body. The Fixer can be combined with syringes of cross-linked hyaluronic acid for an additional tensing botox effect.


Composition of Fixer BTX:

Acetyl Hexapeptide 8 and acetyl Hexapeptide 30: Polypeptide widely used in the aesthetic market because of its tensor characteristics.


It relaxes the dermal myofilaments by reducing the depth of wrinkles.


DMAE: Molecule with anti-aging effect with direct tensing action on collagen fibers.

Hibuscus Esculentus Extract: A plant of South American origin known for its rejuvenating, antispasmodic and softening effects, Rich in antioxidants,Rich in proteolytic enzymes,Rich in emollient substances.


Green Tea Extract: A well-known antioxidant blend rich in polyphenols capable of exerting potent radical eradicating action.

Main Components

ACETYL HEXAPEPTIDE 8 AND ACETYL HEXAPEPTIDE 30: Polypeptide widely used in the aesthetic market due to its tensor characteristics. It relaxes dermal myofilaments reducing the depth of wrinkles.
DMAE: Molecule with an Antiaging effect which has a direct tensor action on collagen fibers.
HIBISCUS ESCULENTUS EXTRACT: A plant with South American origins known from ancient times for its rejuvenating, antispasmodic and smoothing effects. Rich in antioxidants. Rich in proteolytic enzymes. Rich in emollient substances.
GREEN TEA EXTRACT: Well-known antioxidant mixture rich in polyphenols and able to carry out a strong, radical scavenger action.


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