3Dose 1ml Dose Injector – Green 125, Box 10 pcs


10-pack box with 10 x 3Dose dose Injectors with instruction included (Needles NOT included)

Settings: 0.0125 ml, 0.025 ml, 0.05 ml

Minimum Qty:


The 3Dose™ injector is available in a green and in an orange version, each with different user preferred dose unit settings related to the various NaCl solutions used to dilute the BoNT.

The green syringe features the dose unit setting options 0.0125ml, 0.025ml and 0.05ml for the dilution amounts 0.63ml and 1.25ml. The orange syringe features the dose unit setting options 0.01ml, 0.02ml and 0.04ml for the dilution amounts 1.0ml and 2.0ml.

As botulinum toxin injections progressively increase as a major injectable procedure in cosmetic medicine, it has become apparent that accurate dosing and precise injection placement are critical aspects for an improved clinical outcome. BoNT injections currently have a 10-20% inaccuracy rate, and there continues to be inadequate control and traceability on how many units are actually being injected. Inaccurate doses and placement may potentially result in a debilitating and unsightly (even unbalanced) appearance, thus a dissatisfied patient.

The use of an accurate dosage device is beneficial to both experienced doctors as well as injectors who inject less frequently.  The usage of the 3Dose™ Unit Dose Injector greatly improves the ease and efficiency of injections which results in user convenience and patient satisfaction. With the  3Dose™ injector calculating units per ml is simplified and calculating errors in BoNT units can be eliminated from cosmetic practice.

The focus can now be on where to inject rather than how much to inject.


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