Regenyal Idea BioExpander (3x 1,1ml)

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Regenyal Idea BIO-EXPANDER is a remarkable Biorivolumetria product, that enables a complete rejuve- nation of the face through volumetric correction and tissue re-structuring. The product integrates perfectly and restores natural shapes in an extraordinary manner.

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With Regenyal Idea BioExpander you can achieve an increase in volume and thus correct your facial wrinkles. To be more precise, you will feel a natural improvement especially in the chin and cheek area. In addition, the product promotes the moisture of the skin and gives you fresh elasticity from the inside. The Hyaluron Filler adapts very well to the natural shape so that no transitions between untreated and treated areas become visible. Furthermore, a wrinkle injection with Regenyal Idea BioExpander gives you a fresh, smooth and completely natural looking skin. And all this without cosmetic surgery.

The Regenyal product series

Regenyal has set milestones in aesthetics with its Biorivolumetria fillers. The products are perfect for tightening the skin of any wrinkle treatment and increasing volume. In addition, the Italian manufacturers attach great importance to the quality and safety of their Hyaluron fillers, which is reflected in the internationally renowned standard Green Injections. Bella Regenyal.

The original version may only be issued with a doctor’s prescription. This regulation does not apply to any participants from the healing industry, as well as the health service.
The manufacturer and we as seller point out that the injection of products with and without lidocaine should only be carried out by trained and medically trained staff.


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