Are You Sabotaging Your Skincare?

Are You Sabotaging Your Skincare?

Does this sound familiar? You’re super excited your products have arrived. You feel like a kid opening a birthday present as you tear open the box and reach in to get your hands on the products you’ve been waiting for. You can’t wait to see what it smells like and feels like and to start using it. You’ve read so much about the product from the incredible formula, to how to use it, to rave reviews.

You start using the product but things are going slower than you’d like. Never mind that it took 25 years to develop the signs of aging skin. Damn it. You want results NOW!

You think, I know! I’ll start adding other products to the mix. Before you know it, you’re daily regimen turns into a menagerie of potions.

STOP! Please, just stop. The #1 way to sabotage your skincare is unrealistic expectations. It is not realistic to expect any product or device to erase 25 years of aging in one week. You might see slight improvements but to heal damaged skin TAKES TIME! Expect to use the product for at least 6 – 8 weeks to the begin to see the kind of changes that make you feel better. And it will take using the product for 2 or 3 months to see significant changes.

IMPORTANT: I’ve said this a thousand times. If you’re not taking a before picture and then an after picture every week after beginning the product, you will miss the subtle changes that occur – and you will get discouraged.

And guess what the #2 way to sabotage your skincare is? You guessed it.  GIVING UP! My dear friends, you cannot get results if you don’t keep using the product or device. If you jump into a lake and cannot swim and I throw you a life jacket, you’ll drown if you don’t put it on correctly. Skincare doesn’t work, if you don’t use it – and use it – and use it – and use it.

I know it can feel like a lot of work. You’ll have days you just want to throw some water on your face and go – or – night you want to strip off your clothes and throw yourself in the bed. We all do that once in a while. We deserve better and we owe it to ourselves to take good care of ourselves. We can’t be the best version of who we are – without great self-care.

Let’s move on the next way we can sabotage our skincare results. I know we don’t like to hear this but what we put in our bodies will affect not only the health of the body – but it also affects the health of your skin. Things like too little water intake, over indulgence of sugar or processed foods, over caffeination wreak havoc on skin.

Investing in really great skincare products and then not feeding our body the kind of nutrition it needs to function well, is like buying a brand new car and then using the wrong kind of gas, never changing the oil, and running it hard every day and expecting it not to break down just because we ran it through the car wash once in a while.

Granted, using really great product will help some – but if you’ll be kind to yourself and drink plenty of water, eat lots of veggies, and keep your caffeine intake to a minimum, you’ll see MUCH better results and faster.

The last area we’ll look at that can sabotage our skincare goals is not using our products as instructed and/or using too many products. I know. I’m just like you, I have more potions on my counter than I want to admit but I understand I cannot use them all at once – and I have my tried and true faves – that I use without fail. If your regimen is taking too long you may not be able to keep up with it. Instead of giving up entirely, go back to basics (cleanse, serum, moisturizer, protect) and start there. You could add a simple device like the TMP (only use 10 minutes twice a week) for a boost of collagen to the skin.

The best way to get result using really great products is to start with the basics (cleanse, serum, moisturizer, protect) and use them faithfully EVERY day and night as instructed. Do this for at least 8 weeks (taking your before/after pics) and if at that time you feel like you need a little something more, add a serum applicable to what you want to add. Not sure what that is, visit me in the Club so I can help.

I want you to get the most out of the products you’re using so don’t give up! Use your products faithfully. Feed your body what it needs to support good skin health – and – keep it simple and only add products as needed.

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